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SILA Digest Service
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Since 1997, SILA has provided conference attendees with the SILA Digest publication, a reference tool that includes state responses to popular licensing and education topics in a spreadsheet format. Because state requirements change often, SILA, through its partnership with Vertafore, will keep the contents of the SILA Digest current and subscribers can benefit from regulatory updates to these licensing and education topics throughout the year. The subscription service of providing these monthly updates is what we are calling the SILA Digest Service.

Each month an email notification is provided to subscribers notifying them when regulatory requirements have changed. The announcement will summarize which QuickGuides have changed and bolded items on the QuickGuides will show the updated information.


Our pricing policy allows paid annual SILA members to become subscribers from the same company and billing contact to share one subscription to the SILA Digest Service. The SILA Digest Service subscription fee is $100.00 per year and expires December 31st annually.  Please note we are now selling subcriptions for calendar year 2019.  This subscription will be available from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

How will the SILA Digest Service updates be provided?

SILA will offer the SILA Digest Service updates to subscribers from SILA’s website. An email notification will be provided to subscribers notifying them when updated information has been posted, and the subscribers can log on to view and print the updated documents.

How do I access the SILA Digest Service files?

After logging in, go to the Quicklink" menu and pull down to SILA Digest Service. You can then see the individual charts with the last date modified to access the most recent charts.

How often will the SILA Digest topics be updated?

The topics will be updated on a monthly basis for any change discovered affecting the topics covered in the SILA Digest Service.

Who do I call with questions regarding the content of the SILA Digest?

Subscriber questions regarding the Digest content needs to be emailed to Vertafore using the customized email address listed on the SILA Digest Service publication. Vertafore’s licensing team will reply by email or contact the subscribers by phone for more complex questions. Questions regarding how to enroll or renew the SILA Digest Service, or any of its benefits should be directed to SILA.

May I reproduce the SILA Digest contents to share with others?

The content of the SILA Digest Service is the proprietary property of Vertafore and unauthorized reproductions are prohibited unless permitted by Vertafore through written consent.

Who do I contact with additional questions regarding the SILA Digest Service?

Call or email Diana Capes, Executive Vice President, at 800-428-8329 or

(click on QuickGuide item to expand additional details)
  1. Prelicense Education Requirements QuickGuide
    • Prelicense Education Requirement
    • Method of Study Allowed
    • Certificate of Completion Submission Procedures
    • Certificate of Completion Valid Time Period
    • Prelicense Education Exemptions
  2. Agent Licensing Requirements QuickGuide
    • Exam Provider
    • Criminal History Requirement
    • Fingerprint Requirements
    • Electronic Application Processing
    • Electronic Appointment Processing
    • Appointment Filing
  3. Online License Processing
    • Licensing functions available on state websites
    • Functions available in state by NIPR
    • State-Based Systems (SBS) functions available by state
    • Testing/CE Administration websites by state
    • Sircon Services functions available by state
  4. Individual and Entity License & Appointment Fee QuickGuide
    • Resident License Fee
    • Nonresident License Fee
    • Fingerprint Fee
    • Exam Fee
    • License Term
    • Resident License Renewal Fee
    • Nonresident License Renewal Fee
    • Appointment Fee
    • Nonresident Appointment Fee
    • Appointment Duration & Renewal Fee
    • Termination Fee
  5. Agency Licensing Requirements
    • Sole Proprietor
    • Designated Responsible Producer
    • Affiliations
    • Agency Appointment
    • Agency License Renewal
    • Branch Office
  6. Appointment Processing For Licensed Producers QuickGuide
    • Solicitation Prior to Filing Appointment with DOI
    • Appointment Deemed Effective Dates
    • Appointment Processing Options
    • Verification Methods
    • Type of Confirmations Sent
    • Applicable Statutes
  7. Appointment Lines of Authority QuickGuide
    • Appointment Lines of Authority
    • Terminations by LOA
  8. Notice of Termination QuickGuide
    • Advanced Notice Requirements
    • Producer Notification Requirements
    • Termination Notice to DOI Timelines
  9. State Required Background Investigation QuickGuide
    • Background Required with Initial Resident License Application
    • Background Required with Initial Nonresident License Application
    • Background Required with Initial Appointment
    • Background Required with Additional Appointment
  10. Individual License Renewal and Reinstatement QuickGuide
    • License Expiration Dates
    • Failure to Timely Renew
    • Failure to Complete CE
    • Reinstatement Process
    • Appointment Status due to Nonrenewal
  11. Appointment Renewal QuickGuide
    • Appointment Renewal Date
    • Invoice Issue Date
    • Termination Cut Off
    • Online Renewal
  12. Continuing Educations Requirements QuickGuide
    • CE Requirement
    • Course Subject Requirement
    • Ethics/Law Hours
    • Product Based Training (Flood, LTC, Annuities)
    • Study Methods Allowed
    • Carryover of Credit Hours
    • Compliance Deadline
  13. Adjuster Continuing Education Requirements QuickGuide
    • CE Requirement
    • Compliance Deadline
    • CE Proof
    • Nonresident Compliance
  14. Annuity Suitability Training Requirements QuickGuide
    • Training Requirement
    • Insurance Company Requirement
    • Nonresident Exemption
  15. Long-Term Care Education Requirements QuickGuide
    • Agent Training Requirement
    • Insurance Company Requirement
    • Nonresident Exemption
  16. Variable Licensing Requirements QuickGuide
    • Line of Authority Issued
    • Variable Only License
    • Can Sell Variable Life with Life License?
    • Series 63 Required
    • State Registration Required
    • CRD information
  17. Adjuster Licensing Requirements QuickGuide
    • Type of Adjusters Licensed
    • Lines of Authority
    • Exam Requirements (Resident and Nonresident)
    • Designated Home State
    • Prelicense Education Requirement
    • Fingerprint Requirements
    • License Renewal/Expiration Date
  18. Company Adjuster Licensing Reciprocity QuickGuide
    • Licensing Reciprocity Requirements
    • Continuing Education Requirements
  19. Limited Line Credit QuickGuide
    • Lines of Authority
    • Exam Requirement
    • Prelicense Education
    • CE Requirement
    • Group Enrollment exemption
    • Company Training Requirement
  20. Individual Change of Address QuickGuide
    • Valid Email Address Requirement
    • Change of Address Requirement
    • Resident Moves to New State
    • Nonresident Moves to New Nonresident State
    • Nonresident Converts to Resident License
  21. Commission Payment QuickGuide
    • Appointment Notice Requirement after Contracting
    • Agent Selling Allowances
    • Commission Payment Allowances
    • Override Commissions Paid to Unlicensed Person
    • Renewal Commissions Paid to Unlicensed Person
    • Applicable Statutes
  22. Reporting of Administrative and Criminal Actions QuickGuide
    • Reporting Administrative Actions/Criminal Prosecutions Requirements
  23. State Contact Information QuickGuide
    • Department of Insurance Address
    • Department of Insurance Phone Numbers
    • Internet Addresses