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SILA is pleased to produce the SILA Spotlight, a great way to recognize and highlight SILA members and organizations who are making significant contributions to the overall success of SILA. SILA Spotlight allows members to meet new regulators and to share an appreciation for contributions being made by members and organizations within the Association.

Let us know if you would like to see a member or organization highlighted in the next Spotlight edition by sending your suggestion(s) to


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Introducing Regulator - Lorelei Brillante

Posted By Mary Kay Krambeer, Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Regulator Spotlight - Lorelei Brillante

SILA is pleased to introduce a newer regulator to its membership, Lorelei Brillante from the great state of Maryland. Lorelei is the Producer Licensing Customer Service Supervisor and Education Analyst with the Maryland Insurance Department. She joined SILA in June, 2018 and immediately became involved in Task Groups and Subgroups in addition to attending last year’s SILA conference. Lorelei states that she enjoys the community of professionals, from different areas of the industry and different levels of experience who are committed to find practical solutions to common issues.

Lorelei was born in the Philippines, in Quezon City, the capital. She spent summers at her grandparents, in a very small rural town where everyone knew everyone. Wood burning stoves were still in use and water had to be hand pumped and brought in the house. The ocean was three blocks away so seafood was AMAZING! After Martial Law was declared, her family immigrated to California. She became a bona fide Valley Girl (you have to be of a certain age to know what she is talking about).

Her great grandmothers and grandparents were Lorelei’s greatest influences. They lived through WWII in the Philippines where they lost so much, not only in terms of property but of loved ones. Still their humanity and grace were evident in their daily lives through and after the war. It was inspiring to hear unsolicited stories from people they helped during that time and continued to help even after the war. Her parents took her to symphonies and theater and her aunts and uncles exposed her to the Beatles and Harley Davidson. These things of opposites interwoven with people and things she loved seems to be a theme in her life. It helped to keep her grounded while allowing her to explore and enjoy the next adventure.

Lorelei is most proud of her children. She has four, all of whom have graduated from college and are well on their way in their chosen careers. She is a first-time grandmother so spending time with her granddaughter is in a unique category of enjoyment. Other activities include reading, cooking/eating, Yoga and recently Tai Chi.

When asked what led Lorelei to enter the insurance or securities regulatory industry, she replies that she always said that insurance was in her genes belonging to the third generation of insurance professionals. Her grandfather and both parents retired in insurance. Her younger brother is a producer. Two of her daughters had brief stints in insurance as well.

Where she “strayed” is going to the regulatory side of the equation (said with a smile). She has been a regulator for nearly three years. Before then, she was in the Insurance Operations side for more than two decades. In her twenties, she started as a temp in Data Entry ad eventually became a New Business Trainer. She left the work force to raise her family. When she returned to insurance, she managed a Licensing and Compliance Team for an MGA in California.

How did she leave California for Maryland? She visited her daughter who was doing her residency in Maryland. The “visit” was longer than expected and she joined the Insurance Administration. Her daughter moved on to Chicago but Lorelei stayed in Baltimore.

The advice she wants to share with SILA members is to keep on learning and to be open to share your learning. Learn about the industry and share this with your community. Learn about your firm/state and share this with your clients/customers. Learn about your customers/clients and share this with colleagues. As you go on learning and sharing, you may find you learn more about yourself too. Earning the SILA designations is a great place to start.

In closing, Lorelei shares one thing from her bucket list. She wants to watch the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024. If any of the SILA members live in the path of the eclipse, the Path of Totality, she is inviting herself over. Don’t worry, she’ll bring the wine!

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Regulator Spotlight - Karen Vourvopoulos

Posted By Mary Kay Krambeer, Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Regulator Spotlight - Karen Vourvopoulos

Karen Vourvopoulos is the License Division Chief of the Ohio Department of Insurance and a long-time member and friend of SILA. Karen was born in Columbus, Ohio but grew up in the Dayton, Ohio area. Karen began her career somewhat by accident. After college, someone suggested she look into insurance. The industry intrigued her so she became a licensed insurance agent. A short time later, she learned about a job opening at the Ohio Department of Insurance that interested her. She honestly did not plan to work for the state more than a few years, but enjoyed what she did and never left.

Karen has been married to her husband, Terry for 31 years. She has two sons, Michael and Nicholas. Michael works for Amazon. Michael and his wife, Elena currently live in Chicago while she completes Optometry school. Nicholas works for Midstate Tools and lives in Columbus Ohio.

Karen enjoys sailing, traveling and spending time with family and friends. A safari adventure is on her bucket list of things to do. One of her joys is volunteering. Assisting her community and giving back is the right thing to do and it makes her feel gratified that she is doing something that helps others. In fact, her dream job is one that has a positive impact on others.

Something you may not know about Karen is that she is an identical twin. She said that her poor mother and father did not know they were having more than one baby until after they were born.

When asked about the best advice she received, she said it was never to ask someone to do something you would not do yourself. She tries not to ask someone to do something for her that she is physically and/or mentally capable of doing herself.

Karen wanted to share with SILA members to take advantage of the opportunities SILA offers and when needed, reach out to fellow SILA members for assistance. Like her, get involved with SILA’s subgroups, conferences, website, etc. SILA offers the ability to connect with so many different people in the insurance industry. SILA’s “Latest News” offers regulators a convenient means to communicate regulator updates. SILA’s structure facilitates open communication among its members to discuss industry issues. For ways to get involved with SILA, contact

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