SILA Professional Development Program

The purpose of the new Designation Professional Development program is to lend more creditability and significance to the value of holding a SILA Designation within the financial services industry.

The Designation CE requirement is 24 hours every two years, due 12/31 every odd year for designation holders with issue dates prior to January 1, 2018.  If issued a SILA designation after January 1, 2018, the requirement is two years from the Designation issue date.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about the SILA Designation Professional Development CE program.  Additional program questions that you have can be submitted to for a response.

The goal of the SILA Designation Professional Development Program is to lend more significance to the value of holding a SILA Designation, remain knowledgeable in the securities and insurance licensing and administration industry, and promote involvement in the organization.

You will need to complete 24 credit hours over the course of two years to comply with the program.

Industry-related courses, webinars, conferences, and activities that are both relevant to a SILA member’s career performance in insurance and/or securities and is verifiable (for example, a certificate of attendance or completion, name tag, or proof of purchase) will earn credit. This includes many SILA programs and offerings a member already participates in, such as the annual SILA conferences, the webinars, Chapter and Subgroup meetings in addition to non-SILA activities that offer educational value. Volunteer credits will also be awarded for active and verifiable participation within the SILA organization.

Conference/Meetings Allowable Credits
SILA conferences (2017 & future) 8 hours per conference
Webinar Attendance (live) 1 hour per live attendance
Chapter Attendance 3 hours 
Third-party industry conference/meetings 2 credits/day - max 8 hours
  • NAIC meetings
  • Insurance Summit
  • ARM
  • Other industry meetings - related to Financial Industry
Education Activity Allowable Credits
SILA Pre-conference classes (4 hour class) 4 hours per course
SILA Pre-conference classes (2 hour class) 2 hours per course
SILA Certification courses 4 hours per course
Non-SILA sponsored classes/courses 
(financial services related)

4 hours per course or # of credit hours on completion certificate if greater (12 max.)


SILA Specific Activity Allowable Credits
Steering Committee, Task Group Chair, Chapter Chair or Board Member 3 hours per CE window
Writing articles regarding current events affecting the industry 2 hours per article
SILA Best Practices content contribution 2 hours per contribution
Chapter presentation 2 hours per presentation
Panel presenter/facilitator/moderator at conference 2 hours per presentation
Webinar presentation 3 hours per presentation
Subgroup meeting attendance 3 hours per meeting
Volunteering on Committees or Task Groups 1 hour per CE window

Credit to be applied toward the Professional Development requirement needs to be submitted through the SILA Professional Development (SILA CE) form available on SILA’s website under the Professional Development tab along with verifiable proof of completion, attendance, etc. Attendance at the SILA conferences, webinars, Subgroups and Chapter meetings will be tracked and applied by SILA staff within 15 days following the month the webinar or meeting was held.  In addition, volunteer credits for the above SILA-Specific Credit categories will be verified and applied by SILA staff.

Credits applied toward the Professional Development requirement in addition to the program status can be viewed on your member account under the Professional Development tab found under the Manage Profile at the top of the screen (log-in required).

There are no reporting fees associated with tracking the SILA designation requirement.

Professional development will remain a fundamental obligation for all SILA members holding a designation to acknowledge their commitment to maintain a high level of expertise in our industry. If an individual no longer works in the industry, he/she must continue to maintain a SILA membership and complete the professional development requirement to maintain the SILA designation. No grandfathering of existing designation holders will be considered. The only exemption allowed will be active military service during the reporting period.

For designations earned prior to January 1, 2018, the compliance period is December 31, every odd-numbered year.   For designations obtained after January 1, 2018, the compliance period is two years from the Designation issue date and every two years thereafter.

No carryover credit will be allowed. Credits must be earned in the current reporting period.

SILA encourages all SILA Associate and SILA Fellow Designation holders to continue to grow their knowledge and involvement within the industry. The SILA Designation will be inactivated for failing to report the required professional development credits by the due date. There will be a reinstatement period of 12 months extended for those SILA members who fail to meet the requirements by the deadline.

For inactive SILA members holding a SILA designation who re-activate their SILA membership, the SILA designation can be reinstated if the CE requirement is met within the 12 months following the SILA membership reactivation. If the CE requirement is not met in the reinstatement period, the designation will lapse.

SILA will not charge a fee to reinstate the inactive Designation.

Once the SILA Designation is lapsed, the member will need to complete all requirements to earn the Designation as a new applicant.

The Designation Professional Development program compliance period is based on the first SILA Designation received (SILA Associate) and does not change when the SILA Fellow Designation is obtained.

Only one Designation Professional Development requirement will need to be met.

SILA can track who registered and attended its SILA hosted webinars if members register and attend in their individual name to get credit. For non-SILA hosted webinars, please request that the host webinar sponsor provide you with a certificate of attendance for submitting to SILA as proof of attending the webinar.

Designees whose SILA membership went inactive who later rejoin SILA must earn 24-hours SILA CE every 2-years based on their membership reinstatement date.

No. You must be an active SILA member in order to maintain the Designation in force.

Submit CE for Credit

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