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COVID 19 News

SILA is open. Through technology, we are able to continue to monitor and provide our members the services you need to stay abreast of the ever-changing regulatory requirements and extensions awarded during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are committed to do our best to serve you and appreciate your membership. Be sure to share with SILA any changes you become aware of so that we can help keep other members up-to-date. We all can work together to stay informed, compliant and be the best we can be in this unusual time.


Summary of Regulator Responses
Member's Only Resource

SILA surveyed our regulators with the question:

In response to the continuing effects of COVID-19 Pandemic, do you have in place now or do you anticipate making allowances for license renewal or continuing education requirement extensions due to hardships that may exist from licensees to meet these requirements during this pandemic time-frame?

COVID 19 Related Announcements
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As states are providing announcements related to news concerning the current crisis, you can find all the files here.

Recent Webinar: Changes in Examination and Licensing Procedures Due to COVID-19
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Watch the recorded version of the webinar here:

Below are some links mentioned in the webinar:

COVID 19 State Securities Research
Member's Only Resource

A quick research of State Securities websites was done by members of the NASAA Engagement Task Group to determine if there were postings made regarding regulatory relief due to COVID-19.

Summary of Regulator Responses to Surplus Lines Tax Question
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Surplus Lines Question Asked to Regulators:

Some states still require wet signatures and copies of documents with the filings. For some colleagues who are temporarily working from home but had done so previously, they lack some capabilities such as printing and scanning docs.

If you require wet signatures or documents with the paper filings, would you allow allowances during this COVID-19 outbreak?