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SILA is pleased to produce the SILA Spotlight, a great way to recognize and highlight SILA members and organizations who are making significant contributions to the overall success of SILA. SILA Spotlight allows members to meet new regulators and to share an appreciation for contributions being made by members and organizations within the Association. Let us know if you would like to see a member or organization highlighted in the next Spotlight edition by sending your suggestion(s) to


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Introducing the 2017 SILA Board of Directors

Posted By Mary K. Krambeer, Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SILA’s Board of Directors is the leadership and decision making body that oversees the fulfillment of SILA’s mission. The Board of Director’s predominant focus is organizational goal setting, planning, policy and resource development, corporate oversight, evaluation, and decision making.

Annually, the current Board conducts a nomination and election process prior to SILA’s National Educational Conference to elect new Board members. Board members typically serve a two-year term beginning the following calendar year.

Our 2017 Board of Directors including the Executive Committee is available here.

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Designation Recipients

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SILA designations represent industry achievement and education through the successful completion of each program built into the Designation programs.  SILA Designation holders are set apart within our profession through meeting this quality and excellence standard that only a few in the industry have achieved. Obtaining your SILA Designation in 2017 is a great goal.  Reach out to for how you can get started!

SILA is pleased to recognize the members who obtained the SILA Associate (SILA-A) and SILA Fellow (SILA-F) designations since the last edition of the SILA Spotlight (August 1 – December 31, 2016).

SILA Fellow (SILA-F) Designation Recipients

  • Ruth Bandura, Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Lakisha Barnett, Asurion Protection Services, LLC
  • Jeff Baughman, Washington Ofc. Of Ins. Commissioner
  • John Green, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
  • Tammy Miller, Brown & Brown, Inc.
  • Linda Newsome, Virginia Bureau of Insurance
  • Cathy Rubino, Sedgwick Claims Management Svcs. Inc.
  • Melissa Sanders, ProEquities, Inc.
  • Melvin Smith, Nationwide

SILA Associate (SILA-A) Designation Recipients

  • Bethany Costello, National Life Group
  • Rabecca Garcia, Insurance Licensing Services of America, Inc.
  • Martha Hertzer, FM Global
  • Carolyn Marshall, Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Heather Nelson, SWBC
  • Teresa Padgett, Paychex Agency, Inc.
  • Tracy Phegley, AssuredPartners of IN, LLC
  • Dorthy Skrzypek, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Sabrina Slater, Insurance Licensing Services of America, Inc.
  • Karin Tejkl, Ally/Motors Insurance Corporation
  • Natisha Whitesel , URL Insurance Group

Additional information on the SILA Designation programs can be found here

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Remembering Rick Dugger

Posted By Mary K. Krambeer, Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Richard L. Dugger, Jr. of Vector One and a long-standing SILA member, passed away on October 28, 2016.  Many of us remember Rick Dugger at our SILA Conferences, his huge smile and witty comments about what was going on from his fun and unique perspective.  At SILA’s 2014 SILA Conference was when Rick told us that he was retiring and turning the reins over to his daughter, Kristina Nicholls and son, Richey Dugger.   Upon learning of his passing, Kristina sent a note stating: “Our dad always enjoyed SILA and was reluctant to stop attending even once he retired.  It was one conference he made sure to attend each and every year as he truly loved having a place where he could see so many of our subscribers in one place and get a chance to talk to them in person.  He was proud of his longtime SILA membership and that his member number was in the double digits, meaning he was one of the first!   I enjoyed traveling with him to SILA each year, as did Richey in the more recent years.  Richey and I are proud to continue his legacy with Vector One.”

And we will continue to enjoy our relationship with the Vector One family.

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Retired SILA Member and Former Regulator

Posted By Mary K. Krambeer, Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Congratulations Sam!

Sam Meyer
Immediate Past President

SILA would like to honor one of our special friends who has been with us from nearly the beginning of SILA time and continues to support SILA in 2017 as our Immediate Past President.  As of December 31, 2016, Sam retired from his position as National Account Director at Vertafore after nearly 15 years that included government software sales, account management and customer relations.

From 1992 to 2003, Sam served as Assistant Director of the South Dakota Division of Insurance. During his term, he served as a member of numerous NAIC Working Groups including Co-Chair of the Producer Licensing Working Group. Prior to his state insurance regulatory experience, Sam was an Independent Insurance Agent in South Dakota and actively involved in both the IIAB State and National Associations.

Sam served on the SILA Board of Directors since 2011 and most recently as SILA’s 2016 President.  We’d like to share portions of an interview that Vertafore recently published about Sam and his work with SILA.  You can view the entire blog at here

Q: Why did you run for SILA President? What inspired you to become involved in the organization?

A: I started involvement with SILA in 1992 as a state insurance regulator. I learned early on that among all other organizations I was involved with throughout my insurance career, I had never been involved with one that provided such an immense amount of benefit for the members. So, I decided that I wanted to become more involved when the time permitted. Ultimately, I established a goal in 1992 to one day become SILA President.

As the years went by, I served on various committees and in every capacity on the board. Then finally, the opportunity to serve as President became a goal accomplished. Accepting the position as SILA President was not only a dream come true, but it also gave me the opportunity to give back to an organization that gave so much to me.

Q: What were the greatest accomplishments during your tenure?

A: Since funding was not provided by the organization for executive board member travel, I wanted to change that for 2017 and beyond. I'm happy to say that we accomplished that goal and in moving forward the SILA President, President Elect, and Executive Director travel to national and chapter meetings is now funded by SILA. This was a huge accomplishment because I knew moving forward that if we did not have funding in place for travel, several qualified individuals would not have the opportunity to serve. Now that we've accomplished that, companies can permit the time for meetings without having the burden of the expense. We can truly get the best candidates for the job without any restrictions or conflicts of interest.

We had several additional goals that we accomplished this year including:

  • Increase SILA Digest Service subscriptions
  • Grow chapter participation
  • Work with our partners to promote SILA via their websites — Several organizations are currently participating
  • Reinvent a method in which we deliver state updates during the SILA National Conference during sessions — Robert Commodore of Minnesota made a major change in how we deliver

Personally, I had a few goals to ensure I served the organization as best as possible including:

  • Attendance of at least 1 chapter meeting for each chapter to stay involved and provide SILA updates
  • Assist Diana Ivey and the new communications committee
  • Address the PLWG at 2016's two NAIC meetings to provide SILA reports and updates

Q: What lessons did you learn?

A: I have been in the industry for a very long time. As such, I have been given the great opportunity to work with a lot of individuals and organizations— none as talented, accomplished, and professional as Diana Capes. In my involvement with SILA before being elected President, I didn't realize how much Diana and her staff do. They do an incredible amount of work on behalf of this organization and I was able to see that in working directly with her and her team. I am truly impressed.

Q: What was your experience working with other SILA leaders and/or members?

A: In my position, I became close with the executive committee because they were alongside me driving the entire train. I got to work with Immediate Past President, Deirdre Patten; Incoming President, Donna Robinson from Physicians Mutual; and President-Elect, Jeff Lehman from Nationwide. Serving with these individuals and the entire Board was a great experience because it takes a high level of commitment to take on these positions and each of them excelled.

 Q: Now that you've retired from Vertafore and passed the torch to Donna Robinson, what's next?

A: This year, I will serve as Immediate Past President on the Executive Committee and participate in the February board meeting in Orlando along with continued involvement in SILA Subgroups. I will also attend Chapter meetings in my region and of course, the 2017 SILA National Conference in September. I will continue promoting SILA at every opportunity whatever that happens to be because it is a great organization.

 Closing comments?

I strongly encourage participation in the SILA organization for regulators and all in the securities and/or insurance industry— it is the best opportunity to socialize and work with your peers. In speaking with SILA members, they would tell you that their best professional relationships were made through SILA and the SILA events. Once you're involved, you can pick up the phone for advice or any information regarding compliance. The networking is truly valuable.

I want to thank Vertafore and the SILA organization again for the opportunity to serve. I am truly lucky to have had the support of my company and to represent such a great organization.

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Retired Regulator Members

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Congratulations Robert

Robert Commodore
Senior Director, Consumer & External Affairs
Minnesota Department of Commerce

Robert Commodore will be retiring from his position at the Minnesota Department of Commerce effective in May, 2017 where he has served for 40 years in state service, 34 of those years in insurance which included licensing, enforcement/investigations, market conduct, consumer services, IT and Rates & Forms. Robert has also served two terms on the SILA Board of Directors as a Regulatory Advisor and has assisted SILA with the New Attendee and Regulatory sessions at the SILA Conferences.

Robert is going to start his retirement by doing as little as possible – let’s see if that happens! He is enjoying being a new grandfather, he plans on joining his brother’s retirement lunch group and take swimming lessons from his retired sister.

For those of you who don’t know, Robert comes from a musical family and he enjoys playing drums. In addition to listening to and playing music, he likes to read mystery and spy novels, and bike riding around the beautiful Minnesota lakes.

In late February, Robert is scheduled for a much-needed knee replacement so he will be retiring after his rehab and vacation time.

We thank Robert for all his help to SILA and our members and for representing the Minnesota Department at the SILA Conferences.

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Retired Regulator Members

Posted By Administration, Monday, April 10, 2017

Congratulations Diane!

Diane Silverman Black
Director of Producer Licensing
Director of Individual and Business Entity Licensing
Commonwealth of Massachusetts / Division of Insurance

For those serving in the industry awhile, know that Diane Silverman Black was a helpful resource at the Massachusetts Insurance Department where she served for just under 17 years. Diane retired from her current position on December 31, 2016 to relax, heal, focus on getting into good physical shape and to have lots of fun. Her plans are to join a garden club and assist the City of Salem, MA where she resides. Seeing and playing with her grandchildren more frequently is also on her to-do list.

Before leaving SILA, she has the following advice to share with the SILA members: Build up your contact networking, when in need reach out to regulators and fellow administrators, become more knowledgeable, be clear and consistent in your dealings with everyone whether they are employees, co-workers or clients. Communication is the most important part of your job, and good communication will bring the team together while bad communication will tear them apart and most important; remember that enjoying your work, being happy and healthy are tantamount to a great future.

SILA will miss Diane and wish her well in her search for what lies ahead. No replacement has been named yet for her position. Bob Hunter, Supervisor of Producer Licensing, is a resource and is still at the Department.

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Regulator Spotlight

Posted By Mary K. Krambeer, Monday, April 10, 2017


Kevin Schlautman
Licensing Administrator
Nebraska Department of Insurance

Kevin, although new to his supervisory role at the Nebraska Insurance Department (just under 2 years), he is not new to the insurance industry where he has worked for over 17 years.  Fifteen of those years were spent at Allstate Insurance Company where he held various positions in their Licensing Department through 2013.  He then took a job at the Nebraska Department of Insurance in the Market Conduct Division.  In June 2015, he moved to the Licensing Division and took over as the Administrator. Kevin grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and lives there with his wife, Heather, of 18 years and has twin boys, Carson and Darin.  They are sixteen and juniors in high school.  As a parent, he is most proud of his children stating that they are both more intelligent and motivated than he ever was and doesn’t take any credit for how well they are turning out.  They also have two dogs, Toby and Teddy.

Kevin enjoys traveling with his family, reading a good book and going for a run.  What is on his bucket list?  He would like to go sky diving before he is too old or too afraid.  As a side note, George H.W. Bush marked his 90th year birthday with a skydiving activity so there is plenty of time to make it happen! The philosophy that Kevin tries to live by in both work and personal life is that you should not have an excuse but have an idea, not fix the blame but find a solution, not make promises but keep commitments, and not let things just happen but make good things happen.

We applaud that inspiration!  We hope to see more of Kevin at the 2017 SILA Conference!

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